Amanda Carlton

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Hi! My name is Amanda Lane Carlton, and I have two major passions: aviation and child development.

I am a commercial pilot and a sleep consultant. I’m married to a loving husband and am a mother of two young boys.

My first son deprived himself as well as my husband and I of a lot of sleep the first few months. Struggling to get my baby boy to sleep, I sought out a sleep consultant for help. This was absolutely the best decision! Within three nights all three of us were sleeping through the night.

The science of sleep intrigued me, and now here I am, a sleep consultant ready to help you. At only 10 weeks old, I trained my newborn to sleep through the night. I know firsthand the importance of establishing healthy sleeping habits from the get-go, and now I’m dedicated to providing the tools and support to other families in need.

I earned a Bachelors degree in Child Development and a minor in Psychology from California State University, Chico, and I’m a Certified Sleep Consultant. My certification included comprehensive training, conferences with like-minded and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, a mentorship program, and expansive education. My educational background and training allows me to guide families to improve their child’s sleep habits and my personal experience drives my devotion to help other parents like myself.

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